Peter Glaser

Peter Glaser, Master Tile Setter

About Peter

Peter Glaser is a Master Tile Setter and Home Remodeler who has been doing construction work – particularly private home remodeling – for over 31 years in the DC Metro area.  Peter is a second generation contractor who learned the trade in the field and is well known by local designers and General Contractors as a fair-minded craftsman who puts customer satisfaction ahead of other considerations.  He has built several houses, done many additions and hundreds of remodels.  He is often sought out by award winning designers and builders to handle complex Marble, Glass and Ceramic tile installations.  In 2009 his custom execution of a Gilday Design helped win the COTY (Contractor Of The Year) award for Gilday (see photos at “Work We’re Proud Of”).

Peter has trained dozens of Tile Setters and construction workers through the years, many who have gone out and started their own successful businesses.  He is Chairman of the Business Expansion Club of Washington DC where he donates his time weekly to help other business owners succeed.  Peter lives in Friendship Heights, in NW Washington DC.  He works seven days a week and most of his waking hours except for a short time each week when he likes to go to see a movie.


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